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801 SMITHFIELD DR, Fort Collins, CO, 80524,
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Good Standing

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About Kraxberger Enterprises, Ltd.
KRAXBERGER ENTERPRISES, LTD. was founded on 1977-09-22 and has its registered office in Fort Collins. The organisation's status is listed as "Good Standing". Kraxberger Enterprises, Ltd. is a Corporation registered in United States of America (USA) with Colorado Department of State
Key Data
Company Name
Legal Registered Office / Registered Agent
Fort Collins
Trading Names/Associated Names
BUILDERS SUPPLY, IN A trade name registered with Colorado Secretary of State, registration number 19971189973 since 1997-11-26
Filing Information
Company Number USCO19871332986
Colorado SoS number# 19871332986
Date formed 1977-09-22
Country United States of America (USA)
Origin Country United States of America (USA)
Type Corporation
CompanyStatus Good Standing
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Jurisdiction Colorado Department of State
Last Datalog update: 2018-07-13 07:33:25
Primary Source:Colorado Department of State
Corporation Filing History
Colorado Department of State Filing History
This is a record of the public documents (corporate filing) lodged from Colorado Department of State where the company has filed annual returns and other statutory filing documents. Examples of documents filed include: change of registered office, accounts filing, director/officer appointments & resignations, changes in share capital, shareholder members lists etc.

DateDocument TypeDocument Description
2018-08-28File Report
2017-08-24File Report
2016-08-23File Report
2015-09-15File Report
2014-08-26File Report
2013-08-23File Report
2012-09-05File Report
2011-09-22File Report
2010-09-28File Report
2009-10-29File Report
2008-12-22File Report
2007-10-09File Report
2006-10-09File Report
2005-09-14File Report
2004-10-06File Report
2003-09-23Statement of Older Periodic Report CORP REPORT
2002-10-15Statement of Older Periodic Report CORP REPORT
2001-11-13Statement of Older Periodic Report CORP REPORT
1999-10-05Statement of Older Periodic Report PERIODIC REPORT
1997-12-02Statement of Older Periodic Report PERIODIC REPORT
1997-10-28Amendment CHANGE RORA
1996-12-14Statement of Older Periodic Report CR91 - 11/21/91 - 911094708
1995-11-28Statement of Older Periodic Report CORP REPORT
1995-11-28Amendment CHANGE RORA
1994-12-16Statement of Older Periodic Report CR89 - 05/01/89 - 891061638
1994-02-25Statement of Older Periodic Report CORP REPORT
1992-12-19Statement of Older Periodic Report CR87 - 04/27/87 - 8719771
1992-04-02Entity Name Change TIGER AUTO PARTS, INC.
1990-12-13Statement of Older Periodic Report CR85 - 05/02/85 - 8520452
1989-05-01Amendment CHANGE RORA
1988-04-01Amendment MERGER REC'D 3/10/88/DELAYED EFF DATE
1988-04-01Surviving Entity In Merger TAPS AUTOMOTIVE, INC.
1985-05-09Amendment CHANGE RORA
1977-09-22Articles of Incorporation TIGER AUTO PARTS, INC.