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Davis & Mathis, P.C.

405 WEST 36TH AVE #200, ANCHORAGE, AK, 99503,

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Professional Corporation

Good Standing

About Davis & Mathis, P.c.

Davis & Mathis, P.C. was founded on 1978-01-09 and has its registered office in Anchorage. The organisation's status is listed as "Good Standing". Davis & Mathis, P.c. is a Professional Corporation registered in United States of America (USA) with Alaska Department Commerce, Community & Economic Development and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as Good Standing

Key Data

Company Name
Davis & Mathis, P.C.
Legal Registered Office
405 WEST 36TH AVE #200

Filing Information

Company NumberUSAK17880D
Date formed1978-01-09
CountryUnited States of America (USA)
Origin CountryUnited States of America (USA)
TypeProfessional Corporation
Company StatusGood Standing
Filing return next due2018-01-02
Type of accountsGood Standing
Last Datalog update:
2019-05-01 11:09:59
Primary Source:
Alaska Department Commerce, Community & Economic Development

Current Directors

Officer Role Occupation Date Appointed Country
Trigg Davis Director
Trigg Davis President
Trigg Davis Shareholder
Trigg Davis Secretary
Trigg Davis Treasurer
Trigg Davis Vice President
Davis & Mathis Pc Stock Trust Shareholder

Previous Directors

There are no previous directors or officers recorded
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