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DHX Media Ltd.

505-5657 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3R4,

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Canada Business Corporations Act


About Dhx Media Ltd.

DHX Media Ltd. was founded on 2006-04-25 and has its registered office in Halifax. The organisation's status is listed as "Active". Dhx Media Ltd. is a Canada Business Corporations Act registered in Canada with Corporations Canada

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Company Name
DHX Media Ltd.
Legal Registered Office
505-5657 Spring Garden Road
Nova Scotia
B3J 3R4
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Company NumberCA6558810
Date formed2006-04-25
Origin CountryCANADA
TypeCanada Business Corporations Act
Company StatusActive
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2019-03-15 11:41:18
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Current Directors

Officer Role Occupation Date Appointed Country
Dana Sean Landry Director
Catherine Tait Director
Robert Sobey Director
Michael Hirsh Director
Sir Graham Day Director
Elizabeth Beale Director
David C. Colville Director
Donald Geoffrey Machum Director
Donald A. Wright Director
Michael Donovan Director

Previous Directors

There are no previous directors or officers recorded
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