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About 16 Ifield Road Ltd

16 IFIELD ROAD LIMITED was founded on 2003-10-02 and has its registered office in London. The organisation's status is listed as "Active". 16 Ifield Road Limited is a Private Limited Company registered in with Companies House and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as DORMANT
  • Company is not active ie not engaged in any business activity or receiving income or profits
  • Is not incurring costs other than: Annual return fee, late filing fees, companies house admin fees eg company name change or share payments
  • Holds no assets capable of producing any profits or income
  • Holds assets that are unlikely to produce profits and income in the near future
  • Investment trusts, pensions and client account companies may show as dormant companies as they are non trading

Key Data

Company Name
Legal Registered Office
SW10 9AA
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Filing Information

Company Number04919392
Date formed2003-10-02
Origin CountryUnited Kingdom
TypePrivate Limited Company
Company StatusActive
Lastest accounts31/10/2020
Account next due31/07/2022
Latest filing return25/10/2015
Filing return next due22/11/2016
Type of accountsDORMANT
Last Datalog update:
2021-10-06 06:31:03
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Current Directors

Officer Role Occupation Date Appointed Country
Peter Bennett Director CONSERVATIONIST 2015-05-19 ENGLAND
John Meale Director COMPANY DIRECTOR 2010-11-24 ENGLAND
James John O'shea Director CORPORATE LAWYER 2014-09-12 ENGLAND

Previous Directors

Officer Role Date AppointedDate Resigned
Nicola Sinclair Director 2003-10-02 2015-05-19
Karen Miller Company Secretary 2010-11-18 2014-09-12
Piers Monckton Director 2010-11-18 2011-09-02
Piers Alastair Carlos Monckton Company Secretary 2006-10-23 2010-11-18
Nils Patrick Wrede Director 2003-11-26 2010-11-18
Nicola Sinclair Company Secretary 2006-03-17 2006-10-23
Nina Montalto Company Secretary 2004-01-07 2006-03-16
James Kelly Director 2003-10-02 2004-04-28
Deborah Ruddy Company Secretary 2003-10-02 2003-12-15
Warren Street Registrars Limited Company Secretary 2003-10-02 2003-10-02
Warren Street Nominees Limited Director 2003-10-02 2003-10-02

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John Meale LOADING BAY SERVICES LIMITEDDirector 2008-12-23 CURRENT 2008-12-23 Active
John Meale EASYRAMPS LIMITEDDirector 2008-11-18 CURRENT 2008-11-18 Active
John Meale RAMP RENTALS LIMITEDDirector 2007-11-08 CURRENT 2007-11-08 Active
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