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BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY was founded on 1984-04-01 and has its registered office in London. The organisation's status is listed as "Active". British Telecommunications Public Limited Company is a Public Limited Company registered in with Companies House and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as GROUP
  • Group companies must submit full accounts if any company is a PLC (Public Limited Company)
  • Financial services firms: authorised insurance company, a banking company, an e-money issuer, a MiFID investment firm or a UCITS management company must submit full accounts even if they qualify as small
  • The combined turnover of the group must be < £6.5M, balance sheet <£3.26M and employ less than 50 people to not submit full accounts

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Filing Information

Company Number01800000
Date formed1984-04-01
Origin CountryUnited Kingdom
TypePublic Limited Company
Company StatusActive
Lastest accounts31/03/2018
Account next due30/09/2019
Latest filing return09/08/2015
Filing return next due06/09/2016
Type of accountsGROUP
Last Datalog update:
2019-04-04 06:24:14
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Current Directors

Officer Role Occupation Date Appointed Country
Heather Gwendolyn Brierley Company Secretary 2005-09-03 UNITED KINGDOM
Aasa Ulrica Susanne Fearn Director CIVIL EKONOM 2018-06-01 UNITED KINGDOM
Neil Richard Harris Director ACCOUNTANT 2017-10-17 UNITED KINGDOM
Simon Jonathan Lowth Director EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 2017-10-17 UNITED KINGDOM
Glyn Parry Director ACCOUNTANT 2007-06-30 UNITED KINGDOM

Previous Directors

Officer Role Date AppointedDate Resigned
Patrick James Bradley Director 2017-10-17 2018-08-31
Linda Bruce-watt Director 2017-09-29 2017-10-17
Anthony Everard Ashiantha Chanmugam Director 2008-12-16 2016-07-31
Ian Paul Livingston Director 2008-07-01 2011-04-18
Hanif Mohamed Lalani Director 2005-02-07 2008-12-16
Stephen John Prior Company Secretary 2001-11-19 2005-09-03
Ian Paul Livingston Director 2002-05-14 2005-02-07
Philip Roy Hampton Director 2000-11-01 2002-05-14
Colin Raymond Green Director 2001-11-19 2002-04-01
Peter Leahy Bonfield Director 1996-01-01 2002-01-31
Colin Raymond Green Company Secretary 1994-08-01 2001-11-19
Helen Alexander Director 1998-06-01 2001-11-19
Francis Christopher Buchan Bland Director 2001-05-01 2001-11-19
June Frances De Moller Director 1999-09-01 2001-11-19
Anthony Armitage Greener Director 2000-10-01 2001-11-19
Louis Ralph Hughes Director 2000-01-01 2001-11-19
Edward Neville Isdell Director 1998-07-01 2001-11-19
James Iain Walker Anderson Director 1995-11-01 2001-09-30
Colin Marsh Marshall Director 1995-04-01 2001-07-18
William Cockburn Director 1998-04-01 2001-03-31
Robert Paul Brace Director 1993-10-01 2000-12-31
Ewen Alastair John Fergusson Director 1993-05-24 1999-03-31
Malcolm Argent Director 1992-08-09 1998-12-31
Brigit Erica Bruel Director 1995-04-01 1998-03-31
Michael Bett Director 1992-08-09 1996-01-31
Paul Graham Bosonnet Director 1992-08-09 1996-01-01
Michael Leslie Hepher Director 1992-08-09 1995-12-31
Malcolm Argent Company Secretary 1992-08-09 1994-07-31
Anthony John Booth Director 1992-08-09 1994-06-30
Eric Albert Ash Director 1992-08-09 1993-06-30

Related Directorships for Simon Jonathan Lowth

Officer Related Company Role Date Appointed Role StatusIncorporation dateCompany Status
Simon Jonathan Lowth OPENREACH LIMITEDDirector 2017-12-15 CURRENT 2017-03-24 Active
Simon Jonathan Lowth BT GROUP PLCDirector 2016-07-12 CURRENT 2001-03-30 Active

Related Directorships for Glyn Parry

Officer Related Company Role Date Appointed Role StatusIncorporation dateCompany Status
Glyn Parry BT CORPORATE TRUSTEE LIMITEDDirector 2013-12-16 CURRENT 2013-12-16 Active
Glyn Parry BT HOLDINGS LIMITEDDirector 2007-06-30 CURRENT 1988-02-03 Active
Glyn Parry BT (INTERNATIONAL) HOLDINGS LIMITEDDirector 2007-06-30 CURRENT 1988-02-02 Active
Glyn Parry BT FORTY-SIXDirector 2007-05-21 CURRENT 1988-12-07 Dissolved 2014-12-15
Glyn Parry BT SEVENTY-THREEDirector 2007-05-21 CURRENT 1999-06-29 Liquidation
Glyn Parry BT FIFTY-ONEDirector 2007-05-21 CURRENT 1998-08-20 Active
Glyn Parry ALBACOM HOLDINGSDirector 2005-04-20 CURRENT 1991-04-19 Dissolved 2017-04-20