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About 16 Highview Road (sidcup) Maintenance Ltd

16 HIGHVIEW ROAD (SIDCUP) MAINTENANCE LIMITED was founded on 1970-02-18 and has its registered office in Sidcup. The organisation's status is listed as "Active". 16 Highview Road (sidcup) Maintenance Limited is a Private Limited Company registered in with Companies House and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL
  • Company qualifies as a small company
  • Company has filed full accounts
  • Company is exempt from audit
  • Annual turnover is less than £6.5 million
  • The balance sheet total is less than £ 3.26 million
  • Employs less than 50 employees

Key Data

Company Name
Legal Registered Office
DA14 4EY
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Filing Information

Company Number00972734
Date formed1970-02-18
Origin CountryUnited Kingdom
TypePrivate Limited Company
Company StatusActive
Lastest accounts30/09/2020
Account next due30/06/2022
Latest filing return28/12/2015
Filing return next due25/01/2017
Last Datalog update:
2021-03-05 10:19:21
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Current Directors

Officer Role Occupation Date Appointed Country
John William Trotman Company Secretary 2015-02-18
Marion Amos Director RETIRED 2013-08-12 ENGLAND
Peter William Belchamber Director RETIRED 1991-12-24
Graham Peter Bull Director CONSTRUCTION 2002-04-01
Raymond Charles Burr Director DIRECTOR 2015-01-30 ENGLAND
Dilip Chudgar Director UK 2015-05-14 NONE
Terence James Cunningham Director LITHOGRAPHIC PLANNER 1991-12-24
Dawn Cuthbert Director ADMINISTRATOR 1997-11-10
Steven William Daws Director PRINTER 2006-05-22
Paul Durrant Director NONE 2015-05-07 ENGLAND
Stephen Dyer Director FACILITIES MANAGEMENT 2017-12-14 ENGLAND
Margaret Alice Gallafent Director RETIRED 2010-06-01 ENGLAND
Clare Louise Griffin Director INVESTMENT BANK 2017-05-05 UNITED KINGDOM
Mary Griggs Director RETIRED 1995-08-03
Esmail Fakirmohamed Harunani Director DENTIST 2004-05-14 UNITED KINGDOM
Roberta Carole Hughes Director RETIRED 2006-09-28
Michael Landy Director GRAPHIC DESIGNER 1995-09-01
Yakan Meamgt Director SCHOOL TEACHER 2013-11-29 BRITAIN ENGLAND
Yakan Mehmet Director NONE 2013-11-29 UNITED KINGDOM
Joanne O'brien Director TEACHING ASSISTANT 2017-07-12 UNITED KINGDOM
Kathleen O'hanlon Director NURSERY OFFICER 1999-02-26
Katherine Louise Perrior Director NONE 2016-02-09 UNITED KINGDOM
Antonio Proietti Director NONE 2011-11-15 UNITED KINGDOM
Andrew James Roberts Director TRAVEL ADVISOR 2017-10-24 ENGLAND
Tessa Marty Russell Director NONE 2011-10-26 UNITED KINGDOM
Kerry Suzanne Smith Director TEACHER 2008-12-05
Andrew Taylor Director BUILDER 2015-11-05 ENGLAND
John William Trotman Director POSTMAN 1991-12-24
Adam James Vickers Director HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT 1999-04-29
Alan David Webb Director NONE 2013-11-08 ENGLAND
Robert Francis Wilson Director SELF EMPLOYED 2006-10-23

Previous Directors

Officer Role Date AppointedDate Resigned
Kathleen Alford Company Secretary 2011-12-09 2015-02-18
Mary Griggs Company Secretary 2001-07-15 2004-02-29
Margaret Alice Gallafent Company Secretary 1999-01-01 2000-03-05
Andrea Louise Cole Company Secretary 1992-12-13 1993-12-19

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